Wind Power Industry

MATRiSeb provides a broad range of services for the wind power industry especially in structural design, structural optimization, and structural health monitoring considering static and dynamic and stochastic loads.  MATRiSeb’s experience in the wind power industry includes:


  • Calculation of design loads according to local and international standards such as IEC and ASCE 7 and considering the control logic of the system. 
  • Calculation of fatigue loads from dynamic response of wind turbines subject to stochastic loads.
  • In-structure response spectrum generation to determine vibration loads on internal equipment.


Analysis and Design of Wind Turbine Components:

  • Analysis and design of structural and non-structural components made from steel, reinforced concrete, and composites
  • Soil-structure-interaction analysis of wind turbines
  • Structural shape and size optimization of wind turbine components to minimize weight and to improve system performance. 
  • Fatigue evaluation of components according to IEC, AISC, and European Standards. 
  • Structural health monitoring of wind turbine components using measurements from in-situ testing and monitoring and correlative analysis performed on the structure. 
  • Calculation of failure risk of wind turbine components to determine reliability of the system and to determine the operation and maintenance requirements.

Portfolio - Wind