Nuclear Power Industry

MATRiSeb provides a broad range of services for the nuclear industry, including seismic design and evaluation of structures, systems, and components. MATRiSeb’s experience in the nuclear power industry includes:
Site Characteristics
  • Seismic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Determination of seismic site parameters
  • Environmental impact assessment

Design of Structures, Components, Equipment, and Systems
  • Analysis and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures for seismic, wind, tornado, impact and blast
  • Seismic Criteria Development
  • Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) analysis using SASSI software
  • In-structure response spectrum generation
  • Shock and vibration loads on equipment
  • Equipment qualification, stress analysis, supports, anchorage
  • Analysis and design of blast hardened structures, blast analysis using nonlinear methods
  • Modal/Vibration in-situ testing, monitoring, analysis, diagnosis
  • ASME pipe stress analysis, support analysis, vibration control
  • SQUG-GIP plant walkdowns and equipment qualifications
  • Design modifications, procedures and specifications
  • Seismic Fragility Evaluation