MATRiSEB and OSMOS Group SA collaborate to develop and provide SHM Solutions in Turkey

MATRiSEB and OSMOS Group SA collaborate to enhance and provide Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) services  in Turkey.

Since 2001 OSMOS (based in France) offers a real-time and continuous structure monitoring solution, ensuring peace of mind on structure control & safety, and maintenance budget optimization, thanks to a turnkey solution at the cutting edge of optical fiber technology, named Optical Strand. OSMOS provides key information on the stability and the overall behavior of structural asset so the decision maker can make on the operability, availability and maintainability of the asset. In order to detect change(s) in the structure, such as deformation. The numerical signals and data can be obtained through wired systems (OSMOS Expert Data Acquisition System) and/or wireless system (LIRIS) and are converted into information using advanced hardware, software and innovative mathematical and statistical algorithms.

MATRiSEB has expertise in developing SHM algorithms based on vibration measurements and provides SHM and vibration control services for buildings, bridges and industrial facilities.


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MATRiSEB and Ghiocel Predictive Technologies Inc. collaborate to enhance and promote Soil Structure Interaction Analysis Software: ACS-SASSI

MATRiSEB and Ghiocel Predictive Technologies Inc. collaborate to enhance and promote Soil Structure Interaction Analysis Software – ACS-SASSI.

System for Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction (SASSI) software is widely used within the nuclear power industry to analyze the effects of seismic soil structure interaction. ACS SASSI that is a modern software that provides a set of totally new engineering capabilities for SSI analysis in comparison with the original SASSI developed at University of California at Berkeley in 1970s. 

ACS-SASSI is state-of-the-art finite element computer code for performing 3D linear and non-linear soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis for shallow, embedded and buried structures. ACS-SASSI is compatible with the requirements of USNRC, USDOE and many other regulatory bodies. 

Technical capabilities of ACS-SASSI are continuously improved inline with industry codes and regulations by a dedicated team of experts at Ghiocel Predictive Technologies Inc. led by Dr. Dan Ghiocel.

MATRiSEB provides a broad range of services for the nuclear industry, including seismic design and evaluation of structures, systems, and components. MATRiSEB experience with ACS-SASSI includes analysis of existing and new build nuclear power plants in North America, Europe and Asia. 

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